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2010年4月16日 星期五

iPad 27 款最受歡迎的遊戲 - Mirror's Edge™ for iPad

iPad 27 款最受歡迎的遊戲 - Mirror's Edge™ for iPad

Mirror's Edge™ for iPad introduced by Electronic Arts. In single-player campaign mode, think fast on your feet, engage in furious hand-to-hand combat, elude your enemies and push yourself to the very edge. Mirror’s Edge on iPad puts it all out there. Once you experience it, you won’t look back. In Multi-player campaign using the incredible split-screen interface, challenge friends on time and tactics in 2 Multiplayer modes. Outrun them with the fastest time in Race Maps, or outmaneuver them on a city hunt to uncover secret packages embedded in multiple Rival Maps.

Compatible with iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.
Cost: $12.99 | Download Mirror's Edge

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