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2012年5月22日 星期二

Apple Logo 標誌上下顛倒,八年內的 MacBook、MacBook Pro、MacBook Air 筆電才恢復正常!

Apple Logo 標誌上下顛倒,八年內的 MacBook、MacBook Pro、MacBook Air 筆電才恢復正常!

上圖影集「Sex And The City(慾望城市)」中出現的 PowerBook,Apple Logo 標誌上下顛倒了!!
在多年以前,Apple筆電的發光水果標誌曾經是上下顛倒的──至少從旁觀者的角度來看。 而在最近,Apple前員工Joe Moreno在他的部落格上敘述了這段小故事……

Sometimes, even the science and studies can be wrong. Not because of an error, but because you didn’t dig deep enough.

About a dozen years ago we had some discussions at Apple about the placement of the logo on the back of Apple’s laptops. As you can see in this Sex and the City scene, the Apple logo is upside down when the lid is opened.

Apple has an internal system called Can We Talk? where any employee can raise questions on most any subject. So we asked, "Why is the Apple logo upside down on laptops when the lid is open?"

We were told by the Apple design group, which takes human interface issues very seriously, that they had studied the placement of the logo and discovered a problem. If the Apple logo was placed such that it was right side up when the lid was opened then it ended up being upside down when the lid was closed, from the point of view of the user. (If you’re currently using an Apple laptop made in the past eight years, then close the lid and you’ll see that the Apple logo will be upside down from your point of view, but right side up when opened)

Why was upside down from the user’s perspective an issue? Because the design group noticed that users constantly tried to open the laptop from the wrong end. Steve Jobs always focuses on providing the best possible user experience and believed that it was more important to satisfy the user than the onlooker.

Obviously, after a few years, Steve reversed his decision.

Opening a laptop from the wrong end is a self-correcting problem that only lasts for a few seconds. However, viewing the upside logo is a problem that lasts indefinitely.


大約十幾年前,我們曾經在Apple內部討論了關於Apple筆電背面標誌擺放的位置問題。正如同您在Sex and the City(慾望城市)中所看到的,Apple的標誌在筆電打開時,是上下顛倒的。

Apple有個內部系統,叫做「Can We Talk?」。在這系統裡,所有的員工都可以在絕大部分的議題範圍內提出問題。所以,我們問了:

"Why is the Apple logo upside down on laptops when the lid is open?"



為何從使用者的方向看顛倒的標誌會是個問題?因為設計團隊發現使用者常常會試著從錯誤的方向來打開筆電。Steve Jobs一直都專注在提供最佳的使用者體驗,並且相信與其滿足旁觀者的需求,滿足使用者本身的需求更加重要。



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